THURSDAY MAY 7th at 5.30pm:

This complementary Mother's Day online cooking class will teach you in real time how to make a delicious dinner (healthy, budget friendly, gluten free and truly delicious). It will be a one-hour class hosted on Zoom, and will take place at 5:30pm on Thursday the 7th of May. As this class is a few days before Mother's Day, it leaves plenty of time to gather the necessary ingredients, get your apron on and cook up a storm for your mum on the 10th!

This class is very beginner friendly, catering to the people used to getting takeout for big events, enthusiastic home cooks, and more able cooks that just want to learn something new!

By placing a "purchase" for this free class, you will be registering yourself for this class. This is in order for us to be able to send you (via email) further necessary information for how this class will go ahead, as well as the Zoom link for the class 10-15mins prior to the starting of the class itself.

Hope to see you all there!
Charlotte and Sarah X

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