Salty Aura Yoga Mat


This yoga mat is made with non slip and super grip technology which reduces slipping, and injuries. With an absorbent top layer, you no longer need to bring a towel to class with this all in one yoga mat. 

• Base: Natural tree rubber and 100% PVC free
• Top: Super Grip printed made from recycled plastic bottles.
• Dimension: 1730 mm in length by 610 mm width.
• Weight: Approximately 2 kilos.
• Thickness: 3.5 mm thick

• Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.
• Non-slip rubber with the grip+ technology.
• Printed layer acts as absorbent towel.
• Perfect for yoga, bikram, hot yoga, ashtanga, vinyasa, pilates.

Yoga Strap Details 
• A dual function yoga mat carry strap accommodates any size yoga mat.
• Matching printed Yoga strap.
• Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.
• Featuring the collaboration artwork.
• Used as a prop in your practice

Designed lovingly at Bells Beach Torquay Australia.

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