Subscription Box - SEPTEMBER BOX


Start your Spring right and Pre-Order now to have your Spring box sent to you in the first week of September!

Receive 5-8 lifestyle, beauty, fitness and food related goodies each season!

Every three months at the start of each new season a beautifully curated and lightly themed box will appear at your front door!

Fully flexible! Pick your payment schedule between season-to-season, 2 seasons and 4 seasons! The more you buy, the less you spend! Half Yearly and Yearly subscriptions receive a discount on the cost of each box.

Payment Schedules:
 - Season to season (quarterly) - $99
 - 2 Seasons (half yearly) - $180 - save 10%!
 - 4 Seasons (yearly) - $340 - save 15%!

**The renewal date for your subscription will be the last day of the month preceding the new season (eg. renews Nov 30th for the December/Summer box). If you are wanting to cancel your subscription, you will not be charged if you cancel prior to the renewal date. 



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