Let's talk about Skin Types!

Skin types are confusing, but they’re important to understand in order to figure out why certain things work for you and not others. 

Trying to find the perfect skincare routine, wanting to know why your foundation doesn’t look the same on you as it does on that celeb on TV, or simply unsure how to figure out where to start with discovering your skin type? Hopefully I can help a bit! Dry, Oily, Normal, Combination, Blemish-prone, all of it can be a bit overwhelming and stressful to figure out if you have no idea what you’re looking for. 

Instead of me trying to list all the factors that come with each of these skin types and you guys then picking which makes the most sense to you, I decided to make an easy little quiz that should help clear it all up for you!

Knowing your skin type will help in so many ways, but in a very localised sense, it’ll help you here with us at Sarah Urban in order to follow my next few makeup blogs! Knowing if your skin is dry, oily or anything in between will help you to understand what makeup products will work and what won’t, what skincare, primer, and foundation recommendations from me will work for you, and will even help you with knowing what mascaras to pick in the stores (oily skin needs a good transfer proof formula!).

 I personally have very, VERY dry skin that needs a lot of help, but for a long time I was confused because my nose and forehead tended to get oily! I came to the conclusion that my skin must be a dry/oily combo. So I toned down the moisturiser and hydrating serums, and it only got more oily in those areas?? I finally figured out my skin was so dry it was overcompensating and overproducing those oils. On top of that, I wear glasses that sit on my nose and cause a slight oil build-up underneath, which was why I was convinced I couldn’t have JUST dry skin. All of these factors are tricky to go through and figure out, but hopefully the below quiz can give you a bit of insight! 

(Disclaimer: Although I have done extensive self-research and love skincare, I’m not a licenced dermatologist or esthetician. If you have any serious skin concerns, please seek out information from either your doctor or a licensed skin care specialist)

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