Sarah Urban’ is the passion project of our founder Sarah Green. 

 Sarah’s life mission has always revolved around bringing happiness into people’s lives. It has been a vital ingredient in all the work she has done: from catering, running cooking classes, and managing events; to fashion styling, jewellery design and retail. Her very first retail store was ‘Sarah Vintage’ in Paddington, Sydney, where she regularly brought together a community of women (her village) that were united by their shared love of fun, fashion, ideas, and a good glass of wine. With the launch of ‘Sarah Urban’, Sarah has seamlessly blended her diverse skills and passions into one truly beautiful mission. 

Sarah Urban came about from Sarah’s recognition of an unaddressed market niche. She would often listen to girlfriends lamenting the lack of thoughtful gifts they received on special occasions (not always, but often from the men in their lives). She also vividly recalled the less-than-ideal gifts her dad would buy for her mum (think vacuum cleaner). Conversely, Sarah’s mum often would place small gifts on her bed, and vases of flowers in her room, creating heart-warming memories each time she did. These small gestures always made her and her sisters feel special (don’t we all love that feeling!), while also giving her an understanding of the delight that women get from giving gifts to one another. 

Recognising an opportunity to make gift-giving easier, and more thoughtful, Sarah set out to fill the void. Listening to the experiences of those around her, and drawing on inspiration from her childhood, Sarah’s vision for Sarah Urban took shape. She realised that Sarah Urban would bring together all of her previous work and life experience, giving it meaning, substance, and a soul. Sarah Urban would provide an avenue to share her expertise in food, well-being and entertaining, fostering connections among family and friends. It would also incorporate her love of vintage, and vintage-inspired design.

With Sarah Urban, Sarah has brought together a range of classically stylish and timeless gifts that any woman will adore. Her vision was to create a place for men to confidently find gifts that will bring happiness and be loved, as well as a go-to destination for women seeking thoughtful gifts. Sarah now gets to pursue all the things she loves, while sharing her unique aesthetic – making gift-giving easier, and people happy – a big win for everyone.

A trip down memory lane...