My man and gifting

The year in the life of my man – trying to get gifting right.

Firstly he will probably hate me for writing this but I feel many may relate to this story. My man is both a good and bad gifter and I feel many men are like this.

When he knows what he wants to give its as easy as, especially when it comes to special occasions. Like the amazing earrings and ring he produced for my birthday a few years ago. He loves beautiful gems and whilst in Africa purchased some Tanzanite stones, came home and got them made up by a jeweller. It just blew me away, I certainly wasn’t expecting a birthday present like that.

(Pic of the earrings and ring)

 For some of his daughter’s milestone birthday its been an amazing Paspaley pearl necklace or earrings.  Yep I got a pair too!

But come the general birthdays and worse still Christmas (it doesn’t help that he gets back from his annual skiing holiday just days before) he goes a bit blank and overwhelmed at the thought of having to buy presents for me, his daughters, daughter in law and grandkids.

It’s a bit like when I ask what he would like for dinner he goes blank forgetting I can cook anything, its just too many choices and so many other perceived important things going on in is mind so he goes to his default setting and we have chicken salad – good thing I make a great one and he loves it. He doesn’t have to think – that’s the issue here folks.

Personally I also think he doesn’t think he should have to give gifts, not sure where that comes from but my response it to call him a lazy Grinch. He says he doesn’t love gifts but deep down I think he does, because he didn’t stop talking about the Sydney Harbour bridge climb I just gave him for his birthday!

I remind him how lucky he is to have a present giving obsessed partner that can help him here, and hey she does it for a living and loves nothing better than making people happy.

So Christmas is now super easy for him. Last year the gifts included bamboo sheeting for the eco loving daughter, jewellery for hip granddaughters, cute clothes for the little granddaughters, a plant for the garden loving ex wife and home wares for the daughter who is doing up a house.

So now he is pretty aware of this being not such a silly business idea after all, and is supportive of it, realising that often men need a bit of help on the gifting front and women know what women want!  And when you do make that effort to find a good relevant gift how happy you make the loved ones in your life. 

NOTE: not all women want expensive jewellery (well not all the time) they sometimes just want a gift that has been thought through, something that is relevant to their lives and to make them feel appreciated and loved. It really is that simple.

So that’s what I think of when I am adding gifts to Sarah Urban.

And men don’t be afraid to ask for help here, women don’t see that as a cop out they see it as an extension of how much you care and want to get the gift right.


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