Tis the season!

Merry holidays everyone! It’s only about a week before Christmas and now the fun begins. Have I got everyone a gift and is it enough? What food do I need to organise?

But more to the point, what is the Melbourne weather going to do and what am I going to wear?!

This year I am sorted with my Sarah Urban ‘Paisley Floral Maxi Dress’, which I will team with the wardrobe staple every girl should own, the Sarah Urban denim jacket 

Footwear will be either sandals or trainers and accessories will be the Sarah Urban gold hoop hammered earrings and a pair of the stunning Magenta blush sunglasses

I love this Paisley Floral Maxi Dress because it is bright and colourful (for the festive season), the fabric is super soft and light and it has pockets – for all of those bon bon jokes or chocolates you want to save for later! But most importantly on Christmas Day, there is plenty of room in a maxi dress, so you can eat as much as like guilt free!

It’s all a bit different to this time last year when my family was in New York preparing for a cold and cosy ‘Holiday Season’ and so beanies and warm coats were essential parts of our outfit. That city knows how to do Christmas and we couldn’t wait to soak up all of its delights, including a visit to see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree and light show and of course Santa at Macy’s for my three old. It was pure magic!

Though we had hoped for another white Christmas this year, I am grateful that we are home and able to spend time with our family to share in the excitement and endless mountains of food! For me, Christmas is made by the annual traditions, the anticipation of the day, and the excitement of watching people open their gifts. 

I have such fond childhood memories of waking up before the sun with my siblings to find a stocking full of presents at the end of my bed. The day seemed to last forever, stretching over hours of eating and present opening with lots of merriment and carols in between.

Now I have my own son, I feed off his excitement and love making our own traditions.

Picking out the best pine tree to decorate, hanging the stockings along the fireplace, counting down the days to Christmas, going to see Santa, and standing in line to see the Myer windows before buying a special Christmas decoration for the tree. 

On Christmas Eve we will read The Night Before Christmas and leave out snacks for Santa and his reindeer.  Christmas morning will be all about seeing what the jolly, red-suited man had time to eat and drink and opening the gifts he has left, before heading off to see family.

It really is the most wonderful time of the year. Enjoy! Shan xxx

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