Travel alert for MEN: Why women have to take so much luggage...

Most women have a massive problem with packing light! (Sorry to those girls that can) We have a constant ‘what if we need’ running through our heads as we pack, like what if we get invited to a black tie dinner when we are in Bali or what if its cold on the boat in the tropics or what if it’s rains on our African safari. Sure,  the chances  are slim but it doesn’t stop it going through our heads.

I feel very sorry (okay a little) for my other half, we travel a lot and he is constantly amazed by how much I take and I am constantly amazed at how little he takes. For starters he has a tiny toiletries bag I have 2 big ones, he takes 2 pairs of shoes I take about 5 or 6, yes I will always need runners, thongs, 2 pairs sandals, black heels and a pair of nice walk shoes. And that’s just for a weekend at Torquay!

So for our recent Europe holiday I tried to pack light , it was supposed to be early 20’s and mainly sunny for the time we were away so I packed accordingly trying to appease him. Well early 20’s is was not.

By the last few days of St Petersburg it was 8 and horizontal rain, Hossegor in France was supposed to be my beach leg of the trip now it was 15 and rain all week and then Paris was 31 and stinking hot. No way I had that covered in my small suitcase. Yet again I bought another suitcase and more Zara purchases. I just should have listened to that voice in my head and packed 2 suitcases to start with!

There is a lesson in this men, just go with it and remember that in that case there may lurk lots of lingerie for your pleasure, a rocking evening dress with killer heels  so you can take out a glamorous women on the other side of the world.

I once was mocked for packing my lunch for flights and taking tea bags, honey sachets etc but recently even he has begun to find it useful, not embarrassing. And when there is no food he likes he gazes to mine wishing I had packed him one.. So in light of this, see the positive and how it gives you a lot of fabulous gifting ideas she will love and use because she isn’t packing light anytime soon and has plenty of room for them.

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Nope, it doesn’t help men if women pack a lot – because we carry those heavy bags and it looks really inappropriate going to places with 8-10 bags

Aditya March 30, 2023

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