Calming Scents



The Calming Scents gift box is an exquisite ensemble of soothing scents to elevate your surroundings and inspire tranquility. This curated collection is designed to bring refined simplicity and timeless luxury into your space. This set is the perfect treat for yourself or a loved one, equipped with an-easy to use room spray and three different sets of incense sticks to test out your favourite scent and bring a variety of vibes. Palo Santo works to dispel negative energy, Black Copal can guide mindful practises and Lavender acts as a soothing guide to slumber. The inclusion of a brass holder brings a level of timeless elegance to these carefully selected aromas.

Inside this exquisite gift box, your recipient will enjoy:

- Sandalwood Rose Room & Linen Sprays
- Brass incense holder
- Palo Santo Incense sticks
- Lavender Flower Incense sticks
- Black Copal Incense stick

This box comes 'gift ready' in one of our signature gift boxes.To make your gift-giving experience even more convenient, we offer the option to write a personalized card. Simply leave your heartfelt note in the designated space during checkout, and we'll take care of the rest.

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