Cleanse Your Space Gift Box


Designed to provide a sense of rejuvenation, the Cleanse Your Space Gift Box is designed to cleanse away the bad vibes and create space for fresh beginnings. When used in tandem, sage and Palo Santo create a powerful synergy, offering a dual approach to purifying and uplifting your living space. This gift is a token of positive energy and renewal. This box includes:

* A Sage bunch
* Sarah Urban matches
* A mini sage spray to spritz between burning the sage
* A box of 10 Palo Santo sticks
* A guide to using Sage and Palo Santo

This box comes 'gift ready' in one of our signature Gift Boxes. To make your gift-giving experience even more convenient, we offer the option to write a personalized card. Simply leave your heartfelt note in the designated space during checkout, and we'll take care of the rest.

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