Pacific Beach Sea Salt Hair Spray


Feel like you are on holidays every day with this blend of pink Himalayan sea salt, coconut oil, water and pure essential oils give your hair that tousled texture with some moisture and a tropical scent.

Formulated for adding texture and waves to hair in a natural way without drying out hair. This volume-enhancing mist that gives hair impossibly sultry beach waves. You can spray it all over your body for beautifully hydrated skin or just spray onto hair whenever desired to achieve beach like waves and extra texture to your hair. With “good” hydrating salts like Himalayan Pink Salt you body and hair are covered.

+ Himalayan Pink Salt contains valuable trace minerals which aids in detoxifying skin and regulate hydration while balancing the PH of our skin and strengthening it. Leaving it smoother, softer, and cleaner than ever before.

+ Rosemary is a miracle oil for hair care.

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