Palo Santo

Palo Santo or otherwise known as "holy wood" is native to South America and is traditionally used during ceremony or for healing rituals. The smoke from the wood is said to clear negative energy in your body or environment whilst alleviating stress and calming the nervous system. Palo Santo has a beautiful woodsy yet sweet aroma when burnt. It is believed to have many healing and spirtual properties. 

Our Palo Santo is harvested from fallen branches which have aged naturally in Ecuador. All Palo Santo comes with a crystal for further enlightenment and protection. Palo Santo is great for cleansing the crystals.

Simply light one end of your Palo Santo for around 20 seconds. Hold at a 45 degree angle pointing down. Allow the wood to catch flame and burn for about 30 seconds and then blow out. Set your intentions & move around your space or home wherever you want the smoke to go. When finished, place the stick in a bowl, fireproof container or shell. This stick can be relit many times. Happy cleansing!

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