Palo Santo 3 Ways


Palo Santo is used to invite positive energy into your space.

In this box we have 3 ways to do this

1. Burn the wood as per instructions below

  •  Set your intention - what positivity would you like to bring into your space / life?
  •  Open windows and doors in your home, shop or office so the positive energy can come in
  •  Light the wood and let burn for a minute then blow out the flame and let it smoke and walk around the space
  • Consider saying something like this as you walk around. I invite in positive energy that will serve,  protect and guide me and those in this space
  •  Once finished you can leave the wood to smoulder

2. Palo Santo Cones - these comes are similar to incense and burn as per the packet

3. Palo Santo Roll On - put some on your wrist like you would perfume and enjoy the scent all day and invite positive energy to always be with you

We do suggest as per the attached card to burn sage the day before your above ritual

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