Rattan Hand Made Circular Bookshelf - Large


Introducing the perfect blend of form and function: our exquisite circular bookshelf designed to elevate your interior decor. Embrace the opportunity to showcase your cherished belongings in a manner that is both captivating and functional.

Crafted with an innovative circular shape, this bookshelf is a true masterpiece in design. This unique circular bookshelf serves as a canvas for your creativity, allowing you to artfully display your favourite pieces. Whether it's your collection of literary classics, family heirlooms, exquisite art pieces, or treasured memorabilia, each item finds its special place on this elegant shelf. Its spacious design accommodates a diverse range of objects, giving you the freedom to curate your own personal museum. Elevate your home to new heights of style and functionality with this beautiful bookshelf.


150cm Length x 35cm Width x 165cm Height

Local Shipping $50 2/3 days delivery turn around - add furniture shipping at check out

For any questions please call Sarah 0411401094

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