Rosewater Facial Cleanser


About this product

This foaming facial cleanser is made with coconut oil & lavender rosewater. It smells like lavender and rose had a baby. FOAMING CLEANSER: This gentle face wash relieves skin irritation and foams like a dream. GENTLY CLEANSES & PURIFIES: This facial cleanser gently and effectively cleans and removes makeup, leaving skin fresh, comfortable and never stripped of moisture. ROSEWATER FACIAL CLEANSER: Rosewater smells like a dream and tones the skin. CRUELTY-FREE: Non-toxic and eco-friendly formula. Our facial cleanser is free of parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, and hexelyne glycol. Our formula is made in the USA and is never tested on animals. MADE WITH CRYSTALS: Charged with the power of quartz crystal-infused water, this rosewater cleanser can turn any skincare session into a sacred ritual.

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