Welcome to our Spring 2021 Subscription Box.

A collection of so many fabulous products that we stock to give you a taste of all things SARAH URBAN. 

Valued at $199 its all yours for $99, so treat your self of someone close to you. 

In the BOX:

1. Sweet Dreams Spray - The soothing effect of lavender, rose and chamomile creates peaceful sleep and serenity. This blend calms the nerves, relaxes the mind and helps with restful sleep. Enjoy peaceful sleep and utter serenity.

2. Alchemy Bath Salts - This beautiful bath soak is designed not only to relax and calm but to also nourish. your. body through gentle detoxification and replenishment of essential minerals such as magnesium. Filled with only 100% natural ingredients.

3. Recipe cards - Our most iconic and delicious entree main and dessert is yours to impress your dinner guests with. All recipes are Gluten Free and have been tried and tested by the Sarah Urban girls

4. Gift Card - The choice is yours how you spend this gift voucher. A fesh peony candle? A knit scarf? Browse in store or on line.

5. Miss Frankie nail polish - Say hello to beautiful nails. Miss Frankie is all about healthy, beautiful nails the natural way. Vegan and cruelty free, this product is owned and made in Australia. Breathable, long lasting and chip resistant.

6. Crystal Trio - These crystals have been specifically chosen by the Urban Crew as each one attracts a different energy. Rose quartz encourages self and universal love. Citrine offers prosperity and joy while  Amethyst is a natural tranquilliser and relieves stress and strain.

7. Vegtan Chocolate treat - Dairy an gluten free, this mini chocolate bar is good for your body and soul! Combining this robust red fruit with 67% Peruvian chocolate just doubled your hit of antioxidents.

8. Shanghai Suzy Lipstick - The whipped matt formula is super pigmented yet lightweight like whipped cream with mouse-like texture. Infused with shea butter extract and jojoba seed oil to keep that typical matte dryness at bay.

9. Pink Coconut Body Polish -Made locally in the Yarra Valley. Detoxify, polish and soften your skin with our luxurious Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub. Purify, nourish and hydrate your skin in style.

10. Scrubba Lip Balm - Infused with avocado oil, sweet almond oil an coconut oil, plus using the amazing powers of cold pressed acacia oil, our natural vegan lip balm will richly moisturise and soften your lips while keeping them healthy.

Comes in our beautiful floral gift box.


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