The Original Shower Steamer Gift Box


A Luxurious Selection of our Top selling & ORIGINAL Shower Steamers Beautifully packaged for the perfect gift. 

Each Gift Box Contains 6 of our Beautiful handmade Steamers - Relaxing, Calming, Breathe, Yarra Valley, Rejuvenate & Headache.

Can't enjoy the Luxury of a nice Relaxing Bath? 

Well, you can now enjoy the next best thing with our beautiful handmade Shower Steamers. 

Like bath bombs for the shower!!!

Clear your mind as you cleanse your skin by simply placing one shower steamer on the floor in the corner of the shower out of direct stream and relax while the luxurious aromas fill the room. 


*** Shower Steamers are Activated by The Heat and Steam from your shower along with small Splashes of water. For The Best Result we recommend Getting Your Shower/Bathroom Nice & Steamy before using.

Ingredients: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Coconut Oil, Essential Oil Blend, Petals & Mica Powder.

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