Asian influenced table setting for 6 people


We all love Asian food - whether we cook it or get take away - this table setting makes the experience so much better. 

This setting for 6 is a mixture of modern and vintage pieces to create a gorgeous table that no one else will have. 

You can also mix these pieces up with what you have for lots of different looks.

Table setting includes:

6 x blue / pink rectangle placemats

6 x pale grey diner plates

6 x navy and white rice bowls

6 x yellow rice spoons

6 x navy and gold soy dipping bowls

6 x sets of painted wooden chop sticks

6 x vintage wooden duck chop stick rests

6 x wine glasses

6 x vintage sake glasses

6 x vintage miso soup mugs

6 x grey/blue nakpins

1 x vintage leaf plate  - perfect for seaweed salad or edamame

1 x vintage bright blue glass bowl - perfect for salad or berries for dessert

1 x vintage porcelain blue vase with ducks

Price includes shipping



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