White Sage Bundle

Sage has been used in Egyptian, Roman, Greek medicine and Native American healing practices for thousands of years. Dry sage is burned to heal, protect, increase wisdom, and strengthen disease defences.
To use our bundle to cleanse the house or office
1. Open as many doors and windows as you can
2. Light the sage  and when its has been burning for a few minutes blow out the flame so you just have the smoke (I suggest to have a bowl underneath it)
3. Walk through the house and In each room take the sage smoke to each corner of the room and ask the negative energy to leave - you feel a bit weird the first time but its kinda cathartic
4. Leave the windows and doors open for as long as you can.
* another tip - do this before you have a shower as it tends to stay on you
** The next day you should do the same process with Palo Santo to invite the good energy to enter your home or office

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