Yogi Sunrise to Sunset Incence


Our hand rolled incense includes two beautiful fragrances inside each pack. The Sunrise fragrance to uplift you as you rise for the day, and Sunset fragrance to invite calm into your world, at the end of your day. The Incense has been mindfully crafted to help deepen your yoga practice and connect back to self. Each incense stick has been hand rolled and immersed in natural essential oils. Lovingly hand rolling for over 7 decades, our incense maker is a family run and owned business. There are twenty sticks of incense in each pack.


Create a Yogi space at home with this stunning incense. Breathe. Set your intention to Uplift or Calm and light the tip. Let the fragrance wash over you in seated position or movement. Enjoy the moment.


Jasmine + Frangipani Natural Essential Oils
Our Sunrise Incense will invigorate you as you rise and set your intention for the day.
With uplifting Jasmine and Frangipani oils, this fragrance base has reminders of Indonesian travel and will energise your space as you rollout your yoga mat for your first sun salutation.


Frankincense + Cedar Wood Natural Essential Oils
With woody notes of Frankincense and Cedar Wood, our Sunset Incense will carry you to a sense of calm as you begin to unwind at the end of day.
• Sunrise - 10 green uplifting incense sticks • Sunset - 10 brown calming incense sticks 
• Burn time is approximately 1 hour• Each stick has been hand rolled in Thailand.• Made with Natural Essential Oils and floral ingredients, mixed with raw organic materials.• Designed in Torquay Australia. • Hand rolled and made in Thailand.• Not tested on animals.

• Read Instructions before burning.• Keep out of reach of children and pets while burning.• Do not burn near flammable materials.

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