A Sarah Urban Guide to Table-Scapes

Amidst the bustling chaos of summer, it’s important to make time to spend these sun-kissed days with friends. At Sarah Urban, a brand born out of Sarah’s passion for catering, homewares, and kitchen essentials, we encourage you to unleash your creativity through the art of table-scaping. Table-scaping has increased in popularity recently and there can be significant pressure to make it all look ‘Insta-ready’, but here at Sarah Urban we want to emphasise that the objective of table-scaping is to cherish moments with loved ones and express your own personal style. 

To make it as stress free as possible, we have put together a short starter guide to enhance your table-scape! Firstly consider your dining table itself. We love a rustic, wooden table to bring a timeless character and sense of robustness to our dining. All our images showcasing table-scapes are using the Tommo and the Rio tables (both available for purchase in standard sizing and custom sizes). Once you have a solid foundation, you should consider an overall vision. Most often a cohesive colour scheme. For the summer months, we love playing around with bright saturated colours but the best option is ultimately your own favourite colours and patterns. The first step is to lay down your table cloth (we love linen ones for that summer look). To add texture, you could potentially layer variously sized tablecloths and table-runners. Then, play with plate layering. A bowl or a small plate on top of a larger one is a nice look. For both practical and aesthetic purposes, be sure to add a set of napkins on top. 

Beyond individual place-settings, you can bring the table together more cohesively through the addition of fresh flowers. Opt for flowers in season to ensure the best quality, which in summer includes sunflowers, dahlias, roses, carnations and hydrangeas. Another potential centrepiece could be a vintage water jug, doing so can add a pop of colour, a nostalgic silhouette while also contributing to a more circular economy. To set the mood, incorporate candles strategically. Tapered candles in holders not only create ambiance, but also add height to the table. And to make your life as easy as possible, check out the selection of vintage jugs and tapered candles in a variety of colours can be found in the Sarah Urban collection. 

In addition to assisting you with the table-scaping itself, Sarah’s recipe cards and unique selection of vintage kitchen wares available on our website can help you with the culinary creations themselves. The vast array of gluten-free and predominantly vegetarian recipes have all been devised by Sarah herself and are guaranteed crowd pleasers. 

In the world of Sarah Urban, setting the table is not just a routine but an opportunity to have fun and bring loved ones together. Simply head to our ‘Table Settings’ section underneath our Home collection for further inspiration and a browse for ready-made table settings/individual pieces to elevate your settings! As you embark on your journey of creative tablescaping, remember to cherish each moment and relish the company of friends. Summer is finally here - have fun.

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