Embracing all forms of Love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day, a day that often divides us based on our relationship status, has the potential to be so much more. Whether you find yourself single, coupled-up, navigating the talking stage, or entangled in a three-month situationship, let's shift the focus from couples to love itself. Embrace the idea that love comes in many forms, and regardless of your relationship status, there's so much to celebrate. 

One writer who beautifully captures the notion of an expansive approach to love is Natasha Lunn, and her book "Conversations on Love" stands as a stunning ode to love and its many manifestations in our daily lives. From sibling bonds to parental affection, friendships, and beyond, Lunn's book goes beyond romantic entanglements to highlight the opportunities for embracing our wider community. A favorite quote from the book resonates deeply: “You can be seen by various people in different ways, and no one person, not even your parents, can really see the whole of who you are. So it's about finding all the different people you can love and seeing the positivity each of them brings to your life." Instead of viewing love as a singular connection, why not recognize its myriad forms that already surround you? This mindset fosters a fondness for the world around you and everyone in it, contributing to our resilience to cope with challenges that come our way. In current times where things can feel bleak and unstable, love can emerge as a guiding light to ground ourselves.

 Following this, we are aiming to transcend traditional focuses this Valentine’s Day. Look beyond romantic partners to consider who brings you happiness, and surprise friends and family members with your appreciation. In doing so, you can create a new tradition of expressing gratitude by acknowledging the unique and irreplaceable roles your friends and family play in your life. Whether a handwritten note, a small token of appreciation or a big statement of your love with a gift box, you can create a new tradition and strengthen those bonds. 

And to make Valentine’s Day as enjoyable as possible, we have curated a “Be My Valentine” section for a hassle-free celebration. Encompassing a range of products and gift boxes, we have a gift for every special someone in your life. If you know someone in need of some R&R, consider gifting them one of our beautiful good sleep kits. Conversely, you could give the gift of a new hobby with our Pastry & Pizza Lovers Gift Box or Gift of the Garden. Valentine’s Day should not be dreaded, but embraced as an opportunity to kickstart new traditions and spend quality time with those you cherish - whoever they might be! 

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