Amy’s 2021 Melbourne Winter Wardrobe

When I think of a Melbourne winter, My heart goes to hot chocolates, beanies and scarves, fires with marshmallows and soft, fluffy jumpers. Although winter isn’t my favourite season, I can still find beauty in her unique presence. 
2021 Winter has been a combination of two versions of myself, ‘Lockdown Amy’ and ‘Free Amy’. Lockdown Amy’s favourite garment is her Cat Oodie, fluffy socks and ugg boots.. hardly a fashion icon. While free Amy has multiple styles and beautiful garments fit for anything Winter may throw at her. 
Everyone has must-have winter staples for their wardrobe, and here are mine..
  • Fleecy Lined Black Tights! Seems a tad Granny but these tights are a must-have for a Melbournite! Pair them with a skirt and heeled boots and they’re a warm, chic look or sneakily wear them under your favourite straight leg jeans for extra warmth.
  • Grey Cardigan.. My cardigan from Sarah Urban is 50% wool so it insulates my body head to keep me toasty! I also love putting my cardi under my bigger jackets (puffer or oversized denim jacket) as an extra layer of heat as well!
  • Mint Green Beanie! I absolutely loved the colour of this beanie, so fresh yet so cozy. A staple beanie is a must have for days when your hair is just simply not your friend
  • Original Arabica Coffee Body Scrub. I know this one isn’t an item of clothing but everyone gets dry skin in winter which really affects how clothes feel on your body! This body scrub is a great exfoliant and keeps your skin feeling smooth and moisturised. 

These are my ‘must-have’ pieces for my wardrobe and I hope I inspired you to get any of my items, you won’t regret it, I promise! 
Stay safe, stay warm, and try finding the beauties of winter for yourself!

Love, Amy x

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