Sarah Urban is the Market's brand-new stall in Aisle G boasting a curated collection of beautiful homewares, jewellery and gifts! We take five with the creative owner of this gorgeous store to get to know more about her and her vision.

Tell us about you and your business background.

The majority of my life I spent working in catering and events, which I loved. Seeing people sharing food, wine, stories, and laughter made me so happy, and I wanted that to reflect in the business I created. When I had my kids catering and events became very time consuming and so in stepping away from that world I was able to focus on melding my passion for entertaining with my love for jewellery, homewares, and all things vintage. From that came Sarah Urban!

What does Sarah Urban offer?

Sarah Urban brings all the aspects of a happy, fulfilled, stylish life into one place. From decorating your home and dining table for a dinner party with all your loved ones with our tableware, to cherishing those self-care moments with an at-home spa day with our skin and bath range, to embracing a healthy life with our recipe cards and yoga equipment, and even prioritising a good night’s sleep with our bamboo sheets and relaxing aromatherapy pieces. We also curate these pieces into beautiful pre-made gift boxes to bring joy to the people you love, even if that’s you.

What drew you to South Melbourne Market?

I have been shopping at the South Melbourne Market since the 1980’s, and have always loved the strong community vibe that it maintains, something I aimed to create myself with Sarah Urban. We choose to work with local, wonderful suppliers who feel like family and provide incredible products, so South Melbourne Market is really a perfect fit for us.

Do you have any tips for styling a home?

 I think home should be an extension of you, focusing on what you love and what makes you feel good. So let that guide you. What colours and pieces make you feel cozy, relaxed, and peaceful? Personally, I prefer a fairly natural and neutral base, with pops of colour and a few vintage pieces here and there to evoke memories of my childhood. I also believe fresh flowers and plants will always make a space feel complete. 

What is your favourite recipe of all time?

I think there is only one answer and that’s my chicken salad with crispy roast potatoes. It’s one that is simple but perfect in its simplicity. I never get sick of it and neither do my friends and family!

You'll find more of Sarah's beautiful recipes and be able to view all of her gorgeous homewares, jewellery and gifts here!

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