But How Are You, Really?

2021 was a big one, right? It doesn’t look like 2022 is going to let up anytime soon either. I believe that even though the world around us might seem unsettled and chaotic, we can be able to take control of our everyday lives and create calm around us, create what we wish to see in the world. I think we have all become somewhat accustomed to the heart breaking headlines we are seeing already this year, and over the past few years we have learnt how to pull together as a community in crisis. Start with yourself, make sure you are okay, then those around you, and you can create a ripple in the pool of community you have in your life. 

Okay, let’s start with yourself. How are you? But how do you know how you’re really feeling? Try to make a mental note to check in with yourself at least once a day, and ask yourself, honestly, how you’re feeling. Whatever that emotion is, explore it without judgement but with curiosity instead, to try and learn what’s made you feel that way. This can be helpful to find patterns and become more self aware and in tune with your emotions, and therefore be stronger for those around you. 

In a perfect world, when your checking in with someone who is struggling, you’d have your conversation in a calm, private setting, ideally face to face. Phone devices would be switched off, a cup of tea at the perfect temperature would be served and an array of comforting snacks would be laced out. But, this isn’t a perfect world right now, so its even more important to check in on those around you. If you can't be physically present with those in your group of people you love right now, create an atmosphere that feels safe and validating. Or maybe send them a small gift just to show that you are thinking of them. If you both have busy schedules, perhaps you could set a night in the future, whether that be a months time, where you can have a dinner at home. 

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You know the feeling. You are talking to someone, and you can tell from their body language and glazed over distant look in their eye that that person isn’t really listening to you. You realise they are more interested in whether the man at the table next you got their dog to the vet in time, or if the women behind you is on a first date or not. If you are able to enjoy each other’s company right now, take the time to be present with each other and tune into each other’s needs. Try to have no distractions around you.

I’m going to be vulnerable now. I don’t listen to the news anymore. I can hear your feign gasps from here, but I know you know the feeling! I've noticed that if I mention that in conversation with a customer or casually to a friend, more often than not they will lower their head slightly, nod and almost in a whisper declare, “I’ve stopped too.” Let’s not judge each other’s coping mechanisms at the moment, we are all dealing with a time that we haven’t experienced anything like before. Lets have empathy, patience and compassion for those around us. 


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