For the singles on Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day as a single can be hard. Even if you are comfortable and content not being in a relationship, happy couples in love being rubbed in your face, jammed down your throat, and plastered on every social media newsfeed can lead to a bit of a “woe is me” single girl funk. Save yourself and your friends from the “it’s literally a Hallmark holiday” speech and flip the narrative; choose to date yourself for the evening! Now, we aren’t going to try and tell you to stare into your candlelit eyes in the reflection of your mirror and tell yourself “you are beautiful”, because, let’s be real, you feel like a bloody fool doing that- if it was possible to get second hand embarrassment via yourself, this is how to do it. No, this single girls Valentine’s Day evening will have you feeling like a Shiv from Succession by the end- a boss. 

Cooking for yourself is hard, and buying and maintaining a fridge full of useable ingredients to actually do so is even harder. We want you to cook a meal for yourself as you would for someone you love, because that is what tonight is about - lets not gate-keep romantic and thoughtful gestures and leave it to someone else to do for us. We haven’t gone for a recipe that requires 20 pots and pans, utensils you have never heard of, or directions that will leave you feeling like Moira and David in the famous ‘fold in the cheese’ scene - instead we present to you the humble chicken salad. This is a staple in Sarah’s home and the office! It’s quick, delicious, easy and only uses one pot and one oven tray.

While you are cooking a salad that the self-care queen herself Gwyneth would approve of, you are gonna need some tunes to get you feeling your mojo. Below are a few playlists from Spotify that will get you feeling hot and single.

Single Girls Pregame💅✨

Single? Again? You good ❤️

The Single Girls Playlist

The dessert we have chosen as part of our Valentine's Day menu is our “Berry-licious” meringues parfait, and can be made in the days prior, or while you wait for your chicken to cook in the oven -then chuck them in the fridge while you have a relaxing bath or shower in preparation for your single girl approved Valentine’s Day movie. 

After your meal for one, it’s time for some self care in the bathroom. If you have the luxury of a bath at home our Yarra Valley bath bombs or salt shots will create an aromatic spa like escape while your worries dissolve like a little berocca in the tub.

Light a few candles, set the scene like you would do for a romantic gesture for your partner, because remember, tonight is about swooning yourself. We have our own Sarah Urban soy based candles, available in Peach, Salted Caramel, Starfruit and Rose, Cedar and Orange - and we also stock Auric candles, so pick your scent and your vibe for your bath time retreat.

If you don’t have a bath, don’t be disheartened, we have stunning aromatic essential oil infused shower steamers, and will achieve the same outcome!

After your bath, grab your dessert from the fridge and settle down for a movie. Our single girl movie picks are as follows:

the f*ck love movie: Gone Girl 

We know this maybe a bit intense for Valentine’s Day at first glance, but it’s a story about a woman who takes control of her life, yes in a slightly drastic and unhinged way but she does nonetheless.

the cry while I eat Ice-cream: 500 days of summer

This is a great one, because there are two main characters that you can relate to, depending on you love life history. Whether it’s the character Summer who meets a guy and knows he isn’t the one, or Tom who falls madly in love with Summer and is convinced she is the one, you will definitely finish this movie feeling satiated.

The classic rom com: Bridget Jones 

A classic for a good reason, Bridget is relatable, except you won’t be having blue string dyed soup for dinner so round of applause for yourself. We don’t need to sell this movie to you because chances are you have already seen it, and know that you would be down to see it again. 


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