Lockdown Love

How to stay connected with your friend and yourself during isolation 

We all know the drill by now; new day, different COVID case numbers. Gone are the days of viral squat challenges and puzzles to preoccupy our anxious minds and fill our days. If you are still at the “making banana bread” stage of isolation, congratulations, we are impressed. We know what to do to stay safe and somewhat sane during lockdown, but the impact of isolation is still affecting us. To some degree, these lockdowns have become easier… maybe… is it desensitization? Have we become more resilient? Are we too over-it-all to pluck up the effort to complain? Whatever it is, our attitude has changed, but that hasn’t cured the boredom and mundane nature of what lockdown entails.  

The social distancing and lockdowns of COVID-19 are tough on our mental health. All around the world, people are struggling with isolation, loneliness, and uncertainty. This means it is more crucial than ever that we reach out to our family and friends to let them know we’re thinking of them and that we love them. 

What better way to spread love (not germs) during lockdown than to let someone know you are thinking of them. Below we have listed 5 gift boxes that will get your thoughtful juices flowing. Oh, and to start the giving chain here we have FREE Melbourne same day delivery for Melbourne metro areas. Love, the Urban Crew



Our simplest and most affordable gift box. It’s a luxury to have a bath these days, but everyone still craves a warm steamy aromatic escape after a long day of, well, doing nothing. It’s no surprise that we all have anxious minds and bodies at the moment, so treat yourself or a friend to a moment of calm with these assorted shower steamers and a small block of vegan dark chocolate, all wrapped up in our new mini floral gift box




We spend approximately a third of our life in bed, and probably more now during lockdown (no judgement) so the quality of our sleep should improve with our quantity. This gift box is aimed at giving you, your friend, or partner, a good night's sleep! Start with an aromatic bath to calm your body and mind and light our Peony Blush candle for some extra and well deserved indulgence. Spray the sweet dreams pillow mist on your bedding, pajamas and obviously your pillow and drift off to sleep in fields of lavender, rose and chamomile. 




 It’s no secret Melbournians love to brunch - in fact I think we could devour a plate of smashed avo and eggs any time of the day. We aren’t able to dine in at our favorite weekend cafes for the next few weeks, so instead why not bring the café experience right to your very own kitchen. Our Eggs For Two gift box includes 2 beautifully crafted wooden egg cups made from recycled wood, 2 duck egg blue linen napkins, a pair of vintage silver egg spoons, 1 glass butter dish, and a recycled wood butter knife. 





Spending the day out gardening may bring back memories of being forced to weed by our tired mothers at the end of school holidays as a child...but apparently some people actually enjoy it? Treat the green thumb in your life to this Gift of the Garden gift box which includes a wooden handle bulb trowel, ash handled secateurs, wooden plant markers, a small wooden dibber, a gardeners soap, and a nail brush. 




We could all use some extra zen and positivity in our lives right now, and the yoga mat for an adult is practically a cardboard box for a child- it has so many uses, the possibilities are endless! Whether you want to use it for an at home yoga class, meditation or a weighted circuit in your makeshift at home gym this mat will suit your needs. The mat comes with a cleansing mat spray, cork block and meditation grounding spray. 





It’s tempting to order take out for every meal during lockdown in a desperate attempt to maybe fool our taste buds and our brains - if we close our eyes tight enough and take a bite we can momentarily feel as though we are nestled up in a booth at Chin Chin. Why not put down the UberEats and pick up this gift box for yourself. This gift box includes our 17 card recipe set that is 100% gluten free, super easy, and delicious! To get you started, the gift box also includes the main ingredients you’ll need: Shiro Miso paste, tahini, olive oil, sea salt, and umeboshi paste. Trial these delicious and healthy recipes at home now, and then treat your friends to a home made dinner when lock down is over.

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