Getting Your Work / Life Balance Right

Don’t be fooled by the glasses of chilled white wine in their hands, most mornings you  will find these ladies nursing not a hangover, but a yoga mat. Sarah and Mav want to share their favourite yoga classes with you and share a bit about how they balance  wellness with, well...less.  

Here is one of Sarah's go-to virtual yoga class after a long day of admin at her desk:

“We are all spending more time hunched over our laptops and computers, I constantly check myself throughout the day to adjust my posture, and I still feel tension in my shoulders and neck at the end of the day”

The one thing to remedy this Sarah has found is yoga - followed by a glass of wine maybe!

“Let’s just say the team and my children can tell the days I haven't done my morning yoga” Sarah says, “It has that much of an impact on my day, and my outlook. Starting the day with a quick flow sets me up for a day that flows too, I like to think.” Sarah describes her work life balance as, well, that - a balance. “It’s important to find that healthy balance between discipline and fun with work, and in your day-to-day life, finding a comfortable space where you feel at peace and challenged.” 

For Mav, she is still finding that balance, but not between work and life.

“I’m not a going out sort of person, especially after COVID, I tend to get obsessed with things rather quickly” she laughs “I’ll get really into Pilates, or boxing, and religiously do it for a few weeks, maybe months, and it becomes all consuming, then I just burn out and get over it as hard and fast as I fell in love with it. “It’s patience and passion that I need to find the balance between, I think. My relationship with health has also been extreme in the past, and it was resources and lifestyles like Goop that realigned my definition of the word ‘health’, as I learnt that ‘going without’ and discriminatory diets and lifestyles just aren’t sustainable, and they are just bloody boring.”

“Everyone’s scales are going to tip differently, people's priorities are different and so are their needs”, Mav explains.

What is also important is for us to not feel the need to have to explain our boundaries or where the scales sit personally to others. Whether you have taken a great new at-home-yoga class from this post, or googled what Goop is and found the online Eden that is Gwyneth’s lifestyle baby, we want you to remember to be unapologetic in your boundaries.

- The Urban Team xx


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