Covid, well ain’t you a son of a …

Covid has affected everyone in a different way, depending on your career, your home situation, your love life and your mental health. We’ve all found different ways of coping throughout this time, some more healthy than others … But if you’ve made it this far already, congratulations!

Being a true Melbournite I have endured all 4 lockdowns from my apartment in St Kilda. I’m very lucky to love where I live and a lot of beautiful things are in my 5kms. At the start of the first lockdown I was living by myself, but I quickly asked my friend to move in so I had some company. Living with friends is great, especially when you have open communication! Of course we both annoy each other constantly but we’re only human! 

As a dancer and a musical theatre performer, lockdowns have been shocking. Shows have closed, auditions have closed, everything has been postponed with ‘date tbc’ and has left many performers including myself feeling unmotivated and uninspired. Performers usually love to go to class or feel shows to get inspired however all (if any) classes were on zoom, and we all know how we feel about zoom... As a dance teacher all my teaching was on zoom as well which is even more tricky when you add teenagers into the mix. My students were really incredible but I think we all despised zoom. 

Musical theatre is slowly but surely starting to come back however, auditions and shows are popping up left, right and centre. A good portion of auditions are by video or via zoom nowadays which is certainly new terrain for auditions but actually takes away some of the nerves which is great! I’m very excited to see where this all goes. 

Lockdowns are an interesting place for singletons as well, to meet people you have the choice between online dating and online dating.. then if you actually find someone cool, what are your date options? Going for a walk? Or getting coffee and going for a walk? Hardly the most romantic of dates. 

I was actually fortunate enough to find someone during lockdown who I’ve actually genuinely come to like, seeing the future of single, lonely lockdowns fade away.. but then this gorgeous human moved to Queensland, so straight back to singleton way of lockdown life. 

Many people have struggled mentally this time and haven’t found ways to cope. I by no means have this figured out but I’m happy to say that I have more good days then bad. My coping mechanisms are walking with friends, running, movie night with the roommate, takeaway cocktails, Uber Eats, wine, mulled wine, gin, haha you get the point. I am not endorsing alcoholism by any means but I believe that everyone has a side of them, the alcoholic aunt persona, which makes life a bit more bearable sometimes!

We’re almost out of another lockdown now, yay! However I don’t believe it will be out last unfortunately, a lot of people are dumb! 


Anyway, until next time! 

Ams xx


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